Gerbet Mikhaël

management & developement

Shortly about me

Mikhaël Gerbet
Autodidact for eleven years. Passionate and participatory developpement. I started in web design and backend development through the freelancer, the direction of a communications agency and today lead expert front end developer and production manager. I speak three languages, French (native language), Italian and English. I have specialized for many years in librairies and javascript framework like jQuery / ui / mobile nodejs, bootstrap, mootools, underscorejs, prototype, scriptaculus ... also in html5, css3, php5, sql, shell, less ... I master various framework / cms php as Symfony, Zend, Joomla, Worlpress. And works agile method or scrumb...

My travel

More than eight years of professional experience in the web. From small advertising agency and through the large multinationals like Microsoft, in various fields like media, social gaming, vod streaming and currently in the tag management.
Learn more ? My curriculum vitae is available